My 1st ever t-shirt for the Hubby – See I’m not a Selfish Sewer……

Hello everyone!

Guess what I have finally made…. a T-Shirt for my Hubby!!! This week i have been fighting a throat infection and yesterday was the first day i was feeling actually human and wasn’t worn out by the simplistic tasks so I thought well I wanna sew but didn’t fancy anything too complicated as my brain wasn’t functioning properly still LOL

I raided my stash of fabric and found the lovely 2 way stretch Jersey that I had purchased from B & M Fabrics in Leeds here’s their face book page earlier on this year and for some reason i never got round to using until now!

I have used the most simplest pattern of a men’s t-shirt ever from Fashion with Fabric book  from The Great British Sewing I just couldn’t believe the ease of it and how well it came together so quickly as to say its my first attempt using Jersey I am really pleased the result it has came out like a proper t-shirt! I did had visions of the collar being wonky or I didn’t get the sleeves the right length but following the instructions from the book and tweaking the pattern slightly to add more lentgh to the t-shirt as my hubby is not a fan of t-shirts that try to escape when raising his arms LOL!


As you can tell Mr K doesn’t like his photo being taken! Bless him!

So with this pattern I had used:

1.5m of 60″ wide 2 way stretch jersey and Plenty of pins also not forgetting the thread which i went for a lighter colour for some contrast on the T-Shirt.

In reality it was about the same price as you buy a t-shirt in the shop but with it being handmade it’s a better quality!

So if you haven’t had chance to look at the Fashion with Fabric TGBSB it’s a Def must as it is such a great beginners book and explains everything so well.

See i can sew for other people for a change…I’m not that Selfish….hahahaha!

Happy Sunday!

Sal x

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