One Snuggly Autumn/Winter Dress – DixieDIY Ballet Dress

Hello Peeps! I’ve finally getting round to blog my creations, sometimes you just concentrate on the Sewing and then forget to add it onto the blog! Dur! Now I made a pledge to myself to make a start on the Autumn/Winter wardrobe before it get too late, like i normally do in previous years of making […]

B and M Fabrics

Bunny Airelle Blouse – Deer and Doe Patterns

Hi everyone! How are you all diddling this afternoon? I finally took the plunge and bought myself the Airelle Blouse by Deer and Doe Patterns. I’ve previously made the freebie The Plantain Top and fitted without any adjustments so thoughT well why not, go out of your comfort zone and try a new pattern designer! […]

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My 1st ever t-shirt for the Hubby – See I’m not a Selfish Sewer……

Hello everyone! Guess what I have finally made…. a T-Shirt for my Hubby!!! This week i have been fighting a throat infection and yesterday was the first day i was feeling actually human and wasn’t worn out by the simplistic tasks so I thought well I wanna sew but didn’t fancy anything too complicated as […]