The Mama’s birthday pressie

Now then peeps happy Monday y’all!!

I’ve been racking my Brain’s of what to get my mum for her birthday it was on the 12th but she has been sunning it up in Spain for 2 weeks all inclusive…all right for some! Lol!

So thankfully I had time to sew her something which I thought she might appreciate, a fabric basket to keep whatever she likes in it!


This took me under a hour to cutting out and finishing and it’s great Stash Buster, if your like me i keep all sorts of scraps from tiny bits to a nice chunk ?

I’ve used some interfacing and some fusible padding to try and keep some ridginess to it.

I’ve also added some nice fizz, nice smelly toliteries, wall plague and a new handbag charm.


Happy belated birthday mama!

Sal xx


  1. Great gift idea, and even better that it uses some of your stash.

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