Whitechapel PJs by Alice and Co Patterns

I was lucky enough to be chosen to test out the new extended size range from UK 6 – 22 for The Whitechapel Pyjamas! Yay for inclusive sewing!

Now who doesn’t love a good PJ pattern, don’t know about you guys but when i get in from work, i’m straight into my PJs (Once i’ve been for a shower and put clothes worn outside of the house into wash… dam you Covid-19!!!)

So here is a little about the Pattern if you haven’t come across it yet!

The Whitechapel Pyjamas have a boxy style shirt with a button front. The trousers are comfy but not baggy with a slightly tapered leg and an elasticated waist. We provide full instructions for stitching them up with fancy French seams for a comfortable and professional finish – but don’t worry there aren’t too many of them! 

There is also a free short-version pattern hack here.

I would say suit this as an Beginner pattern as it quite simple to construct, you just need to allow yourself time to make the french seams but it is sooo worth the added effort!

The trousers couldn’t be easier – just 3 seams and some elastic. The top is an easy introduction to french seams, flat construction sleeve insertion and a simple collar. You’ll also need to make some buttonholes. Start with the trousers if you’re a complete beginner and wear them with a t-shirt while you complete the shirt!

Thankfully i could get all my supplies from Boyes in Town (Its a chain of Department stores that have a vast array of goods ranging from clothes, electrical items to Arts and Crafts) My local store has a good Sewing department and bought all my supplies for just over a tenner! That includes 3m of Polycotton, Thread, 6 buttons and elastic.

The Pdf assembles really quickly it was just my adjustments that i needed to make due to my short arms – 1″ taken off the length of the sleeves and legs needed to be shortened by 1 1/2″ too. Oh yeah not forgetting that Raylan ‘helped’ too hahahaha! For reference i made Size Purple (18) for the Bust and Graded to Navy (20) for the hips.

The trousers were super quick to make and love all the french seams as they are just so comfortable and pretty on the inside too!

Now the tricky bit for me was the collar to be honest but i got there in the end, i think sometimes that i need to rush a garment when i don’t have to and actually sat down and did some hand sewing was quite satisfying.

Then onto the button holes which my Mr Singer does really well and quite glad that i have buttonhole foot and 1 step stitch it makes my life so much easier. Still can’t believe i managed to find matching buttons to the fabric print!

After man french seams, buttonholes and hand stitching later here are the completed Pjs!

Of course moi modelling said PJ’s with a good brew in one of my many souvenir mugs 🙂

Happy Sewing!

Sal xx

P.S. Alice & Co are offering a 20% launch week discount on this pattern i think it’s on till 6/4/2020 and are also running a giveaway on instagram with Storrs London – the company that gave the fabric to Alice & Co for their own samples.

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