Top to toe in Jennifer Lauren Handmade Patterns!

Howdy folks!

First of all I do apologise for the lack of blog content, lockdown, working throughout, kids being at home and Mr K working from home and home schooling them as well everyone has been frazzled!

Thankfully, my sewjo didn’t go AWOL if anything it helped me cope to be honest! When it comes to sewing it’s my bit of me time and I can switch off and sew! With my sewing pal Raylan ?

When the bastion culottes by Jennifer Lauren Handmade was released I knew I had to treat myself to the pattern, I loved the button closures and looked like a more forgiving trouser pattern as I’ve tried the Helens Closet Winslow but they didn’t look right on me.

With not being a seasoned trouser maker, I decided to toile these and according to my measurements I was in-between the 14 and 16 for the waist so I cut out a 16 to see how they fit.

These sewed up really quick and with no fiddly zip insertions needed these were made in no time! I decided on version b and the length on these were spot on for me and there was plenty of room in the waist so for my proper pair I cut out a size 14. Of course the Man Mog Raylan assisted in the cutting out of the toile.

I came across this medium weight jacquard which was a steal at £3.50 a metre so I bought 2.5m just incase and bought buttons and matching thread too and it came just under £12!

I made a stupid mistake though only purchased 6 buttons where the pattern clearly stated 8 so where did I get 6 from I’ll never know! Thankfully I had some pretty whim wham buttons that I used for the top at either side then used the rest of the buttons and it really worked well.

I was so glad that boyes were open if you haven’t come across one, where have you not visited Yorkshire and made a special visit ? it’s store with many different departments from clothes, fishing, car care, pets, sewing, paints you name it they had it! It’s been a life saver for when I needed thread/sewing machine needles plus with their expanding fabric selections it’s pretty good.

For my top I treated myself to the actual printed pattern ? I know I’m a pdf girl but having in print with the pretty packaging and instructions were just so and fancied going out of my comfort zone and went for raspberry red jersey which were both bought from Felicity Fabrics.

I cut a size 14 for the shoulders and bust then graded to 16 for the hips. To make this pattern for on the 1m of jersey I bought I shortened the length of the top by 2″ but thankfully I’m a short and it hits at the hip. Also i used one of my new labels from The Stitch Collective… I do lurve a good label.

This sewed up in no time at all and I really like the slash neckline, I thought I’d had to make some alterations here but no not at all! Love how the pattern has different sleeve options too and on Jennifer’s shop there is an expansion pack to make into a dress ❤️

So here is the full outfit, I felt really glam in these and I’ve not felt like that in a like time and paired my top with a few of my favourite pins ?

Whats been keeping you sane during lockdown?

Sal xx

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