Good news!!!!


Woo hoo!  I am so happy! I’m an official Pattern Tester for Simple Sew and Eliza M Vintage Patterns! As you well know Simple Sew Patterns and Eliza M Vintage Patterns have been included in Love Sewing Magazine as the Cover patterns on nearly all of their issues!


I do love the magazine as it’s the only one that I actually make things from and read at least twice front to back!

There is 4 of us all together that’s on the team who are:

Gabby –
Hazel –
Laura –

They are very talented group of lasses of which I honoured to work with as I’m being the newbie as they create some gorgeous pieces!

So watch this space for our posts of the new Patterns that are coming soon :mrgreen:

Sal x


  1. Great news – their patterns really need testing and proofreading!!

  2. So excited!

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