#Stitching Santa 2016 Update


Morning Everyone! It’s Monday and it means this week Christmas is here!!!! Yay!!!

Yeah….You can’t tell I ain’t giddy about Christmas, can you? Hahaha! I’m only at work Tomorrow and Wednesday and then back to it the day after Boxing Day!

For someone working in Retail, I’m quite lucky that I have that much time off but do think of the Retail Staff over the Holidays as some people aren’t as lucky as I am.

Now I’ve finally posted off my Parcel(s) of goodies to my #Stitching Santa Partner, thankfully I do know her so it wasn’t that hard to think of what to add!

I wish i did put in some home sewn gifts in but the time has seemed to have flown by with myself on with other sewing projects/pattern testing so i do apologise but I hope I’ve made up for it for the amount of stuff I’ve sent!

Here’s a sneaky peak:

Then all Wrapped up and ready to to be sent in a Big Box! Who doesn’t love receiving a Large Box through the post with not knowing whats in it?!


A big thank you to Sheila at Sewchet for organising it all, your a Star!

This is the second year I’ve taken part and I really enjoy being part of it! Especially knowing that your gifting fellow Sewers and getting to know the Sewing Community better 🙂

Sal xx

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