Infinity Scarf with a Pom Pom Twist Tutorial

Hello peeps and Happy Friday!

Hope your ready for a nice quick easy sew for this drab weather we are having in the UK! It’s windy, rainy and dark and its depressing!

So to cheer myself up I made myself a new Jersey Infinity Scarf with added Pom Poms to make it Cheery!

Its great stash buster as it only requires just 20″ of 60″ wide Fabric! Win Win in my eyes!

Here is what needed:

20″ of 60″ Wide Jersey or Cotton Fabric

1.5m of Pom Pom Trim

Thread & Bobbin

Zipper Foot – This is needed instead of Normal Foot as this allow to sew the Trim in 🙂

Plenty of Pins!

Take your piece of Fabric and fold it in Half Length ways with Right Sides Together.

Insert the Pom Pom Trim in between the folds with the Straight edge of the Trim matching the raw edge of the Fabric, so that the Actual Pom Pom’s are on the inside.

Pin all the way along the Long edge leaving the Short Sides open.

Now remember to use your Zipper foot as this will get as close as you can to stitch in the trim as if you try to sew with the normal foot it wouldn’t get anywhere near to secure the pom poms. I also set my Machine to a small Zig Zag Stitch.

I used the otherside of the Foot as my guide to keep it nice and straight whilst sewing.

Now to turn the scarf to the right side by sliding your arm into the ‘tube’ and pull the end through so that it turns itself to the Right Side out.

Take both of the open ends of the Fabric and start pinning where the Seams meet and try and pin about 3 quarters of the way round. Sew in place using 1cm Seam Allowance.

Now to sew the Gap! Lightly press the remaining Seam Allowance and then hand stitch the closing using a Slip stitch.

And Voila! One quick and easy Infinity Scarf with a Twist! See it’s that Easy!!

You can easily swap the Jersey for Cotton if you wanted a ‘Summer’ version 😉

As you can see it’s a fab selfish sew or if you are feeling generous why don’t you knock some these for Family or Friends?

Have a fab weekend!

Sal xx



  1. Hello Sal. Don’t know if you got my message..We have been partnered in Tracy’s Mad About Bags Send a little love swap. If you get chance would you send me an email, would love to hear from you and maybe a bit about you and your likes/dislikes. That is a gorgeous scarf you be made, pom poms and hearts. Love it . PAT X

    1. Hi pat! Sorry It went to feedback rather than a message I’ve just seen it now! Oh wow that’s fab I’ll send you a email! Thank you, I do love it too if I do say so myself ? xx

  2. Love it thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Thank you ?

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