Sew Up North Update Sponser – School of Sew!

Hi there!

Becca and I are now on major countdown to Sew Up North (a week on Saturday, if you didn’t already know).  It’s amazing how much organising this is taking behind the scenes, but hopefully it will all be worth it and result in a fabulous day for all of us.

We’re now in a position where all the tickets have been allocated.  We’ve had to limit the numbers to the final venue size; the Belgrave tell us we can have 120 so that’s what we’ve capped it at.  For those registered, Becca will be sending out an email probably early next week with final details for the day and the info you’ve all agreed to share about each other, so you can check who’s going before hand or get back in touch with new people afterwards. Yay!

However, the proximity of the day doesn’t mean we’ve run out of sponsors yet! Yeah….we still have a few up our sleeves….some very big names!

I’ve mentioned before how much I like supporting local businesses.  Today’s Sponsor is another such small, locally run business.  Becca had met them on an open day at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley a couple of weekends ago (and if you see something going on there, She would recommend a visit, even just the buildings are fab!)

School of Sew have recently opened their doors there, running all kinds of sewing classes, from regular weekly slots to kids’ parties to workshops to hen do’s… Becca is currently looking for any excuse to go and spend time in their gorgeous studio space; old mill buildings do tend to mean lovely big windows and lots of light, to which they’ve added some rather fab looking cutting tables and workbenches… sewing heaven!

How all this began, Becca was actually chatting to them about the children’s party element but when they connected me with Sew Up North and the charity raffle, She was instantly handed a raffle prize to help out! My Gift of the Gab is rubbing off on her!

The prize is a pair of beautiful little tins, packed with sewing goodies like threads, pins, snip scissors, needles, pin cushion… everything you need for a little portable kit really!

Thank you so much for being Fab, Jo and Nicola!

Right, off back to sorting out goody bags, sponsor Emails, maps…. wish us luck!

Sal x

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