I’m a part of The Sew Crafty Design Team!!!

At Last! I can officially say I’m a part of the Sew Crafty Design Team!!! Yay!!!!

You guys have no idea of how long I’ve wanted to let you all know!! It seems like forever….well 2 weeks is a long time, when you want to shout it from the rooftops!!

When I got the email through from Carly to say I was picked to be part of the team from many many applications, I was gobsmacked!!

So who else is on the Team I here you ask? There are 6 New Members including myself and a few members from last year joining the Team this Year!!

Here are my fellow newbies:

Hannah aka @thoughtfultypes. Check out her blog – thoughtfultypes.blogspot.co.uk

Alexa aka @almostahippy. Check out her blog – almostahippy.blogspot.com

Clare aka @missmaker Check out her blog – www.missmaker.co.uk

Elle – aka @sewpositivity. Check out her blog – www.sewpositivity.com

Emma aka @emmamakesandbakes . Check out her blog – emmamakesandbakes.wordpress.com

Rachel aka @sewholchester. Check out her blog – Holchester.com

Seasoned members:

Tina aka @missdaisypatterns

Steph aka @stitchitmama

Rudy aka @roodles_runique

Chole aka @cotton_clara

Zoe aka @floralandfeather

Dominique aka @dominique_major

Wow…what a talented bunch of crafters I’m with eh?!

When we will be posting updates on our projects we will be using the hashtag #scdesignteam so keep an eye out for us! Also be featured regularly in the Sew Crafty Newsletter which is sent out every other Thursday so sign up to the Newsletter here

I’ve already pick my team for my 1st project!! Yay! All I can say it has a Valentine theme to it ? but of course I’ll be posting sneaky peaks on my Instagram FeedFacebook page and Twitter Feed and maybe even on Pinterest!

Happy Friday Y’all!!

Sal xx


  1. Well done Sal. Congratulations! X

    1. Thanks pat! X

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