Sew Up North…. On the move!

Hi everyone!

We’ve got an important update today for those of you with tickets for Sew Up North.

First things first, don’t panic! The event is still very much on, same date and time. However, our final location has had to change.

We apologise for this: it has been completely outside our control. As you’re aware, this is a free event which we organise for fun and for charity. Our venues are provided free of charge and we are very grateful.

So, what’s moving?

After meeting at John Lewis and completing our shopping, we will no longer be heading to Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen. The owner contacted us a little while ago to ask whether they could possibly move us to one of their sister venues as they’d had a request for a (presumably paying!) booking.

After being a little concerned initially, Becca and I went on a little scouting trip to see the alternative venue. And I have to say, we were pretty impressed!

The new location is the Water Lane Boathouse. This venue is somewhat more petite than the Belgrave, but it is really nice. And for those travelling home by train, it’s extremely near the new entrance to Leeds Station, so that’s a bonus!

Located down by the canal, it’s a lovely place with great fresh sourdough pizza, burgers, salad bowls etc on offer for those wanting to buy some lunch 🙂

We will have the entire mezzanine level to ourselves, which does involve some stairs (as did the Belgrave) but we will also have some tables reserved downstairs. The open plan nature of the venue means we think this will work well, and there will be space for us all to gather together for the raffle.

There’s also been mention of some free prosecco and pizza as an apology, so hopefully that will also help, who can say no to free bubbly and pizza?! I can’t!!

If this causes any issues, we really apologise but, as I say, it’s entirely outside our control and we genuinely think the revised venue will still work for a great get together.

For anyone driving, I would recommend trying the Q Park criterion, the Trinity car park or potentially the Wellington Street car park instead of the Merrion Centre or Woodhouse Lane car parks simply for convenience.

Becca and I (and 3 of our kids, my eldest was having a Daddy day so left him at home!) bravely tested the food and found it to more than meet expectations! Rhys checking out the menu in great detail and enjoyed his visit! So we hope you’re all ok with the revised venue.

As ever, if your plans change before the event, do let us know and we can let someone on the waiting list have a spot instead. And otherwise, we look forward to seeing you all!

Sal xx

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