We need your help!

Hi there!

This blog post is a call for help from any of you lovelies who have tickets for Sew Up North and feel kind enough to give us a little bit of a hand on the day.

Becca and I have decided to ask for a little bit of a hand on the day, simply because we were so ridiculously tired after last year and so many people mentioned that they’d have been happy to help. Careful what you wish for!

There’s nothing too onerous that needs doing, but there are a few things that it would make our lives so much easier if we had some helpers for! But please, only volunteer if you really want to help; if you’d rather just chat, shop and buy potentially buy raffle tickets, that’s fine too!

The things we need help with are all at the final venue.  These can be split up as follows;

Raffle ticket folding

Yep, that’s really a job we need some help with! Last time, we sold over 700 raffle tickets. We’d love to repeat that success and to do so, we need 4 lovely helpers to sit and fold tickets, so that we’re all ready to go and draw the raffle, sometime before midnight!

Swap table minders

Last time around, our fabric and pattern swap table was extremely well laden and it all got a little chaotic until a few people very kindly stepped in and kept reorganising things.  This time around, we’d love a couple of people to volunteer to just keep an eye on things, pop things back on that fall on the floor, that kind of thing.

Raffle assistant!

Yes, we’re looking for a glamorous assistant to basically help us manage to enormous volume of prizes we have to hand out and, in particular, take note for the many virtual prizes of the winners’ email addresses so that we can get their prizes sent out to them afterwards

Leftover sweeper-uppers

As anyone who was around at the end of last year’s event may remember,

Becca and I staggered out of there with several enormous bags of unwanted swap table items to deliver to local charity shops.  I think this one was the straw that broke my personal camel’s back; I was just so, so tired! It would be amazing if a few people could commit to staying until the end and then taking charge of a bag of leftovers to take away with them and dispose of at charity shops or in textile recycling bins.

As I said, there is absolutely no requirement for you to volunteer, please don’t feel bad if you can’t or just aren’t in the mood to.  But if a few of you could help us, that would be awesome.

If you are inclined to give us a hand, if you could drop us a DM via the facebook page, that would be amazing.

Thank you!

Sally and Becca xx

Leave me some Love :)