Deer, a Doe, A Female Deer Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!

Hello again!, Finally getting caught up on the Blog!

The ever so awesome Mark from Girlcharlee has kindly gifted me these cute fabrics to make myself some comfy summerwear aka secrect pjs! How can anyone say no to a cute deer print cotton jersey?! The Black denim is a beautiful French Terry which is snuggley yet breathable!

I chose to make the Cropped Derwent Pants and Winnants Tank from Wendy Wards Book Sewing with Knits. I planned these using my Sewcrafty Design planner where i made sure i adjusted the cropped pants to my short legs!

These beauties just came in time for my Sewing Weekend away with Becca, Carol and Vicky at Teesidecreatives in Middlesborough, where we drank pletny of tea and ate some nice biccies and even some cake with Jen and Laura!

Think i gabbed on too much and didn’t manage to finish my Tank there but finished it off at home but Mr Singer decided to be a bit of a d*** and chose to eat my fabric whilst sewing the bands…. but somehow managed to rescuse the bands and just made them smaller to hide the ‘bite’ mark!! Yes…. Milk Bottles and a can of Larger came to my rescue!!

Plus here is my Man Mog approving of the fabric also hahaha!

So here are the finished results!

Happy Sewing!

Sal xx

**These fabrics were gifted to me in exchange of blog post**

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