Pattern Trace Pattern Archive Envelopes and Spool Pod Review

Hello fellow Sewists! Hope you’re all well and getting some much deserved sewing squeezed in!

The lovely Fiona of Pattern Trace kindly gifted me these fantastic products for my honest review.

For a start they arrived in such eco friendly packaging that it is recyclable! Which is a winner already in my book.

First of all let’s take a look at the Spool Pod! I just love the flexibility of it!

SpoolPods are a silicone case perfectly designed for storing or transporting your spools of thread, with the matching bobbins too. Clare invented them after getting frustrated trying to find the matching bobbins for her thread when sewing. So she came up with the perfect solution for keeping them together, in an easy to store manner. 

If you see my sewing space, I need all the help i can get to keep my Sewing accessories in a nice neat manner away from the kids and the cat ?

You don’t have to use your SpoolPods just for storing thread, it works great for just holding bobbins too. You can fit 6 bobbins per slot, so one SpoolPod will hold 60 bobbins. You can buy 1 at £4.50 or 5 for £19.00.

Now onto the Pattern Envelopes! These are my life savers! No more lost Pattern pieces or instructions! Hurrah!

Study, stylish and with room for you to get creative. No more struggling to get your sewing patterns back into the original envelope or if you are a brute when opening your actual patterns from their envelope and end up destroying the envelope… like me. So you need an alternative to store the pattern ?The envelopes are a little larger than A4 (36.5cm x 23cm / 14.4 in x 9.1in), with a side and top gusset, bags of room for your folded pattern pieces. 

There’s room for the pattern artwork! Either cut out and stick on the pattern company’s illustration – or draw your own Notes – there’s always something you need to know for next time.

They come in either:

Pack of 5 – £7

Pack of 10 – £12.50

Pack of 20 – £18.50

Pack of 30 – £24.00

So these are a fab product in my opinion as they do keep my patterns neatly stored away for easy reach next time i make it and the spoolpods are great too especially as you can keep your thread and bobbin safely together. So yes i would have plenty of these in my life, plus they keep my sewing space just a little bit tidier!!

Happy Sewing!

Sal xx

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