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Makenine 2021 Plans!

Yes I know we are in March and I’ve just decided on my Makenine 2021 Plans!

I’ve taken part in this challenge back in 2018 but didn’t complete it but I’m hoping to finish it this year. As I’ve previously said in my Sewing Goals for 2021, I did want more loungewear but I am sucker for vintage glam!

So here goes, my Makenine for 2021.

Dress from Dear and Doe Dressed Book

I have been after making this dress for so long and thankfully I will be getting my back side into gear. The lovely Steph from the Rag Shop has kindly gifted me this beautiful Cotton Lawn in return of a blog post for her. It’s going to be one beautiful spring dress.

Rita Blouse by Charm Patterns

Another make that I have been wanting to make for ages. Why is it the Sewing to do list never ending?! However, It’s a great stash buster as it only takes 1m of fabric. Stitch and Bobbins had this beauty of a bubble crepe as a remnant for a mere £6.95!! I have 1.3m by 1.5m so I have plenty for this top.

Lucille Trousers by Charm Patterns

I’m an official Charm Scout! Pic of Charm scout

I just love Gertie’s sewing patterns and I’m afraid to say I haven’t made trousers. So when Gertie released this high waisted, wide leg pants with plenty of fitting tips. Therefore, I just knew I had to give them a go. I Managed to get 4m of Black Heavy Georgette from Pound fabrics for £9.99 including delivery which will be perfect for these.

It’s this month’s Paetron pattern and with me being in the Rose Tier I get a awesome merit badge through the post each month. I would feel like a fraud to receive the Pant Technique badge if I didn’t complete the trousers!

With the look of these… there is some length adjustments to be made!

Picture of SaWhite Woman In Her 30's Holding A Copyshop Print Of Lucille Trouser Leg With A Confused Look On Her Face

Gilbert Shirt by Helens Closet

I’ve seen so many beautiful versions all over Instagram and thought I’d get my butt into hear and finally make one! Think I’ll use this fab Tiger print by Fabric Godmother that I bought from Sewmesunhine at the back end of 2020.

Yanta Overalls by Helen Closet

To be honest, Overalls haven’t appealed to me until I saw the short versions of these. Plus the nudge from Laura aka Missmadeitmyself, I thought well why not and give them a go! No fabric in the stash for these but I’m sure I’ll come across some soon.

Line Drawing of The Yanta Overalls by Helens Closet

Vielle Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade

Big fan of Jennifer’s patterns, I have a mixture of PDF and Printed. Just love the cute bow at the neckline and when I bought this remnant from Like Sew amazing I had the Vielle top in mind.

Josie Bra and Knickers – Made My Wardrobe

I’m a part of Modista Paetron where Sally brings us loads of great sewing advice, zoom calls, competitions and discounts for indie companies. For February there was a Sew a long for the Josie Bra and Knickers. I managed to gather my supplies, pieces the PDF together but that’s all I have got to at the moment. However, I will get round it this year since i have put it in writing!

Line Drawing of Josie Bra And Panties By Handmade Wardrobe

Kew Dress by Nina Lee Patterns

This Dress is my upcoming Felicity Fabrics Blogger post using the lush Marmalade hearts! I’m sewing up version 1 with the sleeves and me being me, I’ve added pockets to it. You can not have a dress without pockets! I’ll be joining in with the #Sewyellowforendo challenge which is generating awareness about Endometriosis Awareness Month. Here is a little bit more info;

Endometriosis is a cruel condition that affects one in ten women and is the second most common gynaecological condition in the UK. It causes agonising periods, pain with sex, problems with bowel and bladder function and can contribute to infertility. Despite that diagnosis, it takes seven years on average! That is definitely way too long.

Jess is inviting you to learn more about Endometriosis and sew up a yellow or partially yellow garment/outfit – yellow is the awareness colour for Endometriosis. Put your sewing skills to the test and support the Endometriosis community by whipping up a gorgeous yellow garment and show it off on 20th March on Instagram! Simples!

Juno PJS by Tilly and The Buttons

A girl can’t have too many PJ sets right? Again, another one sat on my sewing list. I’ve got the fabulous hand print Tilly Jersey to make with them!

#Makenine Labels!

I haven’t seen Makenine labels before, however when I came across these lovely labels by Emma aka shelovestomake.uk of course these were just the ticket to add to my memades!

Pencil, Buttons, Clips and Memade Garment Labels on White Background

Has anyone else made a makenine list for this year?

Happy Sewing!

Sally x

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