My #MakeNine2023

Happy New Year to you all! Hope this year brings you what you want and you do you!

I’m kicking off the year with finally getting a ear piercing that I’ve been after for ages. I finally picked up the courage to get it done last week!

I had my right upper flat piercing and chose this ever so pretty piercing while it heals. Tempted to get a ring once it has healed. Abbie and Lizzie were fantastic at Stone Cold Tattoos, explained everything so well and it didn’t really hurt.

So without further a do, here is my Make Nine List for 2023:

1. Stanton Hoody Dress by Cashmerette Club

Always wanted a Hoody dress and with Cashmerette pattern drafting curves I’m sure it will fit beautifully. (only available as a part of the Cashmerette Club)

2. Vogue V1908 Dress

This is my chosen dress pattern for The Gathering event in April. So excited for this to see Sewing friends again, since I missed Harrogate K&S Show last year.

3. The Society Dress by Charm Patterns

I’m already got this on the go as I was that excited for Gertie’s new theme for 2023. Who doesn’t love a jersey dress!

(only available as Gertie’s Patreon)

4. Franklin Pinafore by Lansdown Patterns

My plan was to get this made at the end of last year as previously mentioned in my Autumn/winter plans. I will make it this year!!

5. Carlye Tee with puffed sleeves by Cashmerette Club

I’m quite a fan of puffed sleeves at the moment. I’m yet to attempt a square neckline in jersey before so I’m up for the challenge.

(only available as a part of the Cashmerette Club)

6. Planetary Backpack by In Complete Stitches

I’ve always wanted to make my own backpack. They come in handy as I use one for the days I’m at work as I ride my bike.

7. Brooklyn Jacket by Charm Patterns

Never made a fully lined jacket before and these looks good to wear with the upcoming dresses I’ll be making. (only available as Gertie’s Patreon)

8. Radcliffe Undies by Cashmerette Club

I do love making my own undies and hopefully be using off cuts from these projects to make them. (only available as a part of the Cashmerette Club)

9. Honeybourne Dress from Jenny Rushmore’s Ahead of the Curve Book.

I just love an everyday dress and this ticks all the boxes for me for comfort yet styled. This project will get my used to installing invisible zips again, since I’ve not used that skill in 2022!

Phew! That’s a lot of projects yet functional and have purposes for, rather than just making stuff and never use! Can you tell I’m a fan of Cashmerette and Charm Patterns

Do you have any Sewing plans or goals for 2023?

Happy Sewing



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