My 1st Sewn Christmas Gift!


I can finally show you The Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions that I had made for my mum for Christmas.

I did have the good intentions of making more gifts but nothing had seemed to go right and thought I’d give up and have some time off from sewing and enjoy the festivities!

I acquired this fabric from the Fabric Swap at Sew Up North from the lovely Emma aka @frenchyem at least you know it’s gone into good use! Thank you for bringing it to the Swap!

I’ve seen my mum wearing Tunic length tops that are similar style to The Laundry Tee and this fabric just screamed to be made into.

Now I ain’t going to lie it was a bit of b**** to sew with, it’s a loose Knit but drapey as heck and Mr Singer had a few attempts of eating it ?

But low and behold I preserved and it turned out really well!.I’m even impressed of how good the neckband turned out too!

So If I had used more a stable knit/jersey then this would of been sewn in a couple of hours as it is only 3 pattern pieces but with it being a loose Knit, I finished my seams to make sure it wouldn’t unravel.

So here it is before it was wrapped up for the mama.

 So if you want to make your own the Pattern is on sale at $4!! Which is roughly £3.27 at time of posting which is bargain with the different neckline options and lengths of sleeves and the top itself! Bargain!

Sal xx

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