An outing to Manchester Event City with Redwsews!

Hi All!

Myself and Becca aka Redwsews went to the ICHF Stitching, Sewing and Hobbcrafts Show on Saturday 4th February. I had received free tickets through the post and thought well why not have a Road-trip for a change!! So we both managed to be ‘Child free’ for the day and also we haven’t seen each other properly since Sew Up North back in November! Now that’s not good for Sewing Buddies lol!

So when we got through the Doors at Event City it was manic!! There were queue’s galore!! So we decided to drop our Coats off and join the Zig Zag Queue of Doom!

Thankfully we wasn’t waiting long to get into the Event.  But we both was surprised that there weren’t many People our ‘age’ as it was the majority of the older generation when you think that Crafts in general is being quite popular.

So we had a quick glance about first and thankfully we timed it right to join in with a Workshop with Block Craft at 11.30am.

So we thought right pit stop time for a Latte! I did the ‘Yorkshire’ thing ‘how much?!’ when the Server said £5 for them hahaha! But to be fair it was a nice Latte.

 We then had some time to have a nosey at the exhibits that they had on show;

Onto the Workshop!! Myself and Becca decided we was going to Stamp print our Own Tote Bags rather than a Tea Towel so we could show off our ‘Stamping’ Skills LOL!

Yeah we made a mess!!!

Then we actually found The Montreaux Fabrics Stall that we could actually buy to fuel our Fabric Additctions!

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Both myself and Becca found plenty of Jerseys in the remnants bins to make our Colour Blocking Zadie Dresses!

So for Sewists, this was a bit of a floop really as it was mainly catered for the Card Makers and Jewellery makers even though it states ‘Stitching’ in the title of the Event!

But we soon made up for it by going across the Road in to the Trafford centre and having a scrummy Japanese Lunch! Oh it was bliss! We was nattering away and enjoying our food!

Then of course you can’t go into the Trafford centre without going into John Lewis! Becca found some Shirting supplies for the Hubby whilst i found some bargain Amy Butler Fabric to make myself some Sew Over It Ultimate PJ’s! Yas!

So here is my gatherings’ of the day! Along with my Printed Shopper Tote!

It was a very enjoyable yet tiring Day as I set off from home at 6.45am and didn’t get back in till 6.45pm!! Hence the can of Monster on the Train back! LOL!

What’s your Sewing Plans this week?

Sal xx

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