Sew Up North Update – Beyond Measure 

Good Evening peeps!

Another day, another Sew Up North update.  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling slightly stunned at how generous people have been with raffle prizes and goody bag discounts. It’s wonderful that people can be so kind and hopefully means we can raise lots of money for the  Yorkshire Air Ambulance.


Today’s kind sponsor is Grace of online store Beyond Measure.  If you haven’t had a look at her site yet, I’d highly recommend a browse.  There is a wonderful range of more unusual, high end habberdashery and supplies.  My personal favourites are the leather ruler bracelet (WANT!), the japanese hand sewing needles and the wooden pin cushions, but you would be spoilt for choice.

Grace has very kindly donated a £20 voucher to the raffle prize pool; on top of that, she’s including a 10% discount in the goody bags for every attendee, so save a few pennies to indulge later; I know I will be doing!

Thank you Grace, you are awesome!

Sal x

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