Simplicity New Look K6542

Hi All!

Happy Bank Holiday to those of you in the UK!!

Now I’m not sure about you guys but I normally tend to stick to indie pattern companies as they tend to fit me better with little adjustments compared to the big 4 where in previous attempts of using them, I’ve not had much success with them and end up being in the unfinished project pile like forever!

A few weeks ago it was Mr K’s birthday where we attend the Great Northern Shooting Show at Harrogate, where in all fairness we all enjoyed it and I did feel a bit out of place of wearing my Colette Patterns Hawthorn dress as the other ladies attended wore jeans and boots but hey I am unique after all ?

Gem has recently opened up her shop Bobbins and Bolts in Harrogate too so it would be rather rude not to pop in and say hello whilst we was at Harrogate anyways!

Gem’s shop is just gorgeous and my youngest found the den and was quite happy to be sat there whilst we chatted and of course picked up so lovely fabrics!

I thought I was quite restraint really… must of been the presence of the hubby and boys ?

I’ve always wanted to have an off the shoulder top but for some reason never got round to making one.. thinking it’d be too complicated but nope I was wrong!

This sewn up so well and the instructions were quite clear.

The only adjustments were needed was taking 4″ off the sleeves, 4″ off the shoulder straps and taking another couple of inches off the elastic round the back.

I really love the tie details of the sleeves as they are soo pretty inside too.

Now you can’t have a handmade garment without adding a cute label in right?

Thankfully we decided to go to Scarborough for the day before the notorious bank holiday weather hitted, so here is moi in the gardens on South Beach, how beautiful does the garden look!

Of course we all had a fab time there, making a croc out of sand! Also you can’t go the seaside without having a go at the 2p machines where the boys actually won a prize a piece from a pound worth of 2ps! Now that never normally happens does it!?

So happy bank holiday to you all and hope it’s not raining somewhere and if it is blame me as Ive done some summer sewing!



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