Who loves Cookies?! I sure do!

Hello people of the world! Hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Here is my 2nd Project for Wow Fabrics Blogger Network.

Now if you haven’t heard about Wow Fabrics before, where have you been?!! It’s a fabulous family run company that can print any type of print you’d like into 13 different fabric options!! But here is a little bit of info about them:

The fabric company with the ‘WOW’ factor. Based in the heart of the UK, and with an international reach, and using our in house state of the art digital printers a process known as ‘sublimation’, we’re able to offer high quality bespoke printed fabric for all of your fashion needs.

Wow Fabrics has over 50 years combined experience in creating bespoke printed fabrics and textiles, producing items for worldwide licensed brands such as Star Wars, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, Pokemon and World of Warcrafts., in addition to working with small and startup businesses.

With competitive prices, extremely fast turnaround times, no minimum order quantity and extensive knowledge around placement printing and products, and a strict quality control in place, we’ll help to give your creations the ‘Wow’ factor.

Also there is many different fabric options to use so at long last no print is just set for one type of fabric!!! Yay!

Now you all know me by now, i am a sucker for a cute and quirky print and this fabric just fits the bill nicely! I picked J226 Yummy Cookie Love Heart Food Print on Liverpool base fabric.

I was a scaredy cat and didn’t make a dress but used this fabulous fabric to make myself a Tilly and The Buttons Juno Shortie PJ set. This pattern is from her latest book – Make it Simple which it really is and its a range of patterns from using woven fabric to jersey and in between.

Now on reading the measurements and on previous makes recently from her book at started with a size 6 for the shoulders, size 7 for Bust and Waist and finally a Size 8 for the Hips. I decided for a bit of contrast, i used black ribbing for the neckband.

The instructions on altering the bottom pants were easy to follow and i added an extra 3 inches to the length of mine as i ain’t one for showing masses of wobbly legs hahaha!

As usual, when i ever i try a fabric that i haven’t used before, i try a few stitch lengths to see which one holds the best and turns out Mr Singer behaved with a short zig-zag stitch. As always make sure your bobbins are full, nothing wose when running out of thread at the bottom when you are nearly finished!.

These do really sew up really quickly and i added a Kylie and the machine “You can’t buy this” label to the neckband whilst sewing it in place. Which of course was quite apt for these unique Pjs!

Now to be brave of using Black thread for my top stitching detail! Yeah… i like to live dangerously!

Then onto sewing in the sleeves, hemming the Tee and then remembering to pull the ends through on the threads on the right side to the wrong side and knot. Phew one Part of the Pj’s made! Yas!

Now onto the Shorts!

I lengthened the shorts by 6 inches are i ain’t one for ‘short’ shorts! but that was pretty easy to do in the book as Tilly shows you how to make the PJ long pants that were close fitting into short style and it’s not as hard as you may think.

These were a breeze to make as they are elasticated and they were sewn in no time at all and finished my hem with twin needle stitch and voila here is cute set of Pjs!

Happy Sewing!

Sal xx

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