Kwiksew 3553 – Unicorn PJ’s!!!

Good Morning! Happy Bank Holiday to you all!!

I’ve been wanting to make these PJ’s since it was a freebie that landed on my doorstop with Issue 10 of Sew Now Magazine…. trouble was that I didn’t have the perfect Fabric in my stash!!

Now surely when making your own Pj’s you want them to be –  A) comfortable and B) the most craziness Fabric print!!!

So the search went on….finally came across Flamingo Fabrics that sold this ever so awesome Unicorn 100% Cotton Fabric for such a steal at £2.39 a metre and its 60″ wide too!! Yay! I’m sorry but who can’t say no to Unicorns?!

Now I haven’t been blogging in a long time, with my 1st post in 2 months was posted a couple of days ago…. so i’m finally get back into the swing of things and came across Laura’s #Wardrobebuilder August Project which is Nightwear and Jo’s #sewingthescene which has Prizes!!!!!

The idea for Sewing The Scene is to sew something for your normal wardrobe (not a costume) inspired by film or TV, then share a photo on Instagram with the tag #sewingthescene.

Now if you haven’t seen my Insta feed I posted the delightful Agnes cuddly a Fluffy Unicorn!!! I love the Minions/Despicable Me franchise…even more than my kiddies i think! So i decided to dedicate my PJ’s with Unicorns!!


According to the measurements, I decided to make a medium for the shoulders and bust then grade to a large from the waist and hips as PJ’s are meant to comfortable!

Now for some reason…I’ve not made an old fashioned type PJ before as I’ve recently made Tilly and The Buttons Fifi which i loved making to truth be told the PJ’s were pretty quick to sew together espically when using Mrs Singer to finish my Seams before hand 🙂

I seem to like making buttonholes at the moment, you’d think since making 15 for my Hawthorn Dress I’d be like “hell no!” but who couldn’t resist sparkly buttons!

For the length of the Cropped Trousers, i still took a massive 10″ off them so the sit nicely just under my knee 🙂 Yeah…..I’m a short ass!!! So for the Hem on these I decided to do a double hem instead of an overlocked one just for a change! Hahaha!

With using 0.6mm aka 1/4″ Seam Allowance for Sewing them up, it allows for this truly nice finished inside the PJ’s 🙂

The only downside I had with this Pattern was the instructions to make the casing for the Elastic for the PJ Bottoms. I just thought it was a fiddly way of doing that step so i resorted to what i know!

I made the channel 1st by pressing it 2cm to the wrongside (to the inside of the Bottoms) and then stitched in place, remembering to leave a gap and then thread the elastic through with a safety pin and then stitch the elastic together and sew the gap! One Easier way of making Casing!!

So in a couple of days (probably be a full day if i wasn’t at 9-3 at work lol) I made these beauties!!

I just love the Collar on these its so crisp!!

And of course nothing else isn’t compete without a Cuppa in bed with your Unicorn Jammies and no work!!! Bliss!!


Enjoy what ever you are up to today! I’m off School Shoe shopping for the boys…..wish me luck!!

Sal xx



  1. I’ve also had to chop 10″ off the bottom of patterns before. Feels like such a waste of fabric.
    I love how much fun these are!

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