An exciting new product for dressmakers has arrived!

Introducing… The Fabric Swatch Book!

Shopping for fabric online can be really tricky then matching for the right sewing project. Will it be the right weight? Too stiff? See through?

You can now create your very own fabric reference book with this beautiful A5 binder, complete with 25 sturdy card inserts, that’s room for 50 fabric swatches! Keep them in age order, fabric type, colour or source! Or if you like me totally random!

The fabric swatch book will serve as a reference guide to keep a record of your fabrics, where you purchased them, their name, fibre composition, weight and if you have any stashed away. Perfect for when you need to see if you have the right fabric in your stash or you need to buy!

This book gives me some serious Dexter vibes and totally love this! If you aren’t familiar with the Dexter series its on Netflix or if you have Sky its on Sky Atlantic at 6pm Monday-Friday.

Basically, Dexter Morgan works as a Blood Splatter Analyst for the Miami Police  But at night, he is a serial killer who only targets other murderers and keeps a blood slide for each of his victims!

So in attempt to orgainse my Stash i sorted through it and had piles for 3m+, 2-3m, 1-2m and under 1m.

When piled neatly in the corner of my bedroom it doesn’t look that I’m such a fabric addict does it? I need to work on storage for said fabrics!

Put it does point out that i am in need of sweatshirt fabric(s) for Billie Jumpers, the new Tilly and the Buttons pattern.

I made a start on filling in the book with a Beanies Cinder Toffee flavoured Coffee and used some washi tape to secure my swatches.

So this product is very good in organising the stash and pointing out what fabrics you don’t have at hand. Plus it would make a thoughtful gift for Christmas and Birthdays for the Sewing people in your life.

What do you do to make sure your sewing inventory is in order? If use discount code yorkshiresewist it’ll save you 10%.

Happy Sewing!

Sal xx

**Disclaimer – I received this Product free of charge before it’s release in exchange of my review and promotion through Social Media Channels.**

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