Review of Patterntrace’s customisable needle store

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well! A new and exciting product from Patterntrace has been released today, its a customisable needle store! I have previously reviewed the Fabric Swatch Book and Tracing Paper which are fabulous products.

Why would I want one of those I hear you ask! I was on the fence too to be honest but it is a really useful in all fairness.

Here is a bit more information about the store from Patterntrace;

This handy portable box has 8 compartments for storing your needles by type and size. It comes with a range of stickers to label each compartment, plus there’s a fuzzy dot which will hold your used needles, keeping them away from the rest of the pack so you know which have been used before and which haven’t.

My thoughts of the customisable needle store

Now, I haven’t realised that I do own a lot of sewing machine needles. However, look at the many packets I have my possesion!

Patterntrace needle store open with assorted packs of sewing machine needles in front of it

Along with the the needle store, enclosed is some labels and a handy card. Which is very useful to know which needles are for which fabric along with enough labels to know which compartment is which.

So I decided to stick that part to the front for future reference.

Front side of Patterntrace needle store which sewing machine needle information of which fabrics to use for which needle.

After labelling it all and putting my needles in, it shows that I am lacking spare overlocker needles So that is on the shopping list next.

Patterntrace Customisable Needle Store with various sewing machine needle packs enclosed within it with labels showing which needles are which

In conclusion, this is a must have for any sewing machine owner to make sure you have enough needles or to point out you don’t have enough. A handy feature is the fuzzy dot which holds your current needle you are using. Perfect for keeping separate from the brand new ones.

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Happy Sewing

Sally xxx

Disclaimer – I received this product for my honest review in exchange for a blog post.

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