Review of Patterntrace’s Swedish Tracing Paper

Hi All

The lovely Fiona of Patterntrace kindly gifted me a roll of Swedish Tracing Paper in exchange of my honest review

First of all in comes in very sturdy packaging to make sure it doesn’t get ruined in transit. I never thought it would of filled the box but it sure did!

Plus my cat loves it too.

The paper is a soft and translucent Swedish tracing paper which is ideal for dressmakers, durable but easy to see through, excellent for copying the detail from existing patterns. Plus it’s 1m wide and the roll contains 10m of paper!! 

It’s made with sustainable abaca fibres this paper is much more durable and tear resistant than regular paper. Plus its eco-friendly properties mean you can compost your leftovers. A very big win in my eyes as i am trying to be more sustainable whilst sewing.

Here is a few more benefits of using this:

It’s easy to write on, use a pencil, chalk or pen, it’s not shiny and slippery like regular tracing paper so much easier to label or transfer pattern markings.

It is fibrous, like a light interfacing, so easier to manipulate than paper.

In my video below, when i have used pins whilst cutting out my fabric. There isn’t big holes or rips in your pattern pieces once you have removed the pins. Unlike, other papers i have used in the past.

You can iron it (with a cool iron – just remember to use the cool setting like the silk setting) to remove creases, so feel free to fold up your patterns to store them so they don’t take too much space, plenty of room when using the Pattern envelopes also.

You can also sew with it to make toiles, or 3d versions of bag patterns etc. No special needle or thread needed, just sew it as you would cotton fabric.

Also, it is that snuggable my Cat Raylan decided to sit on it and guard it!

Plus i have a lovely discount for you all to use at Patterntrace it’s 10% off your order… yes you heard right it isn’t set to any particular item so just in time for Christmas (wink wink) All you have to put in is ‘yorkshiresewist‘ all in lowercase upon checkout where it says coupon code.

Happy Sewing!



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