#FabricTag! 12 Questions for Fabric Addicts!

I’ve seen Claire and Eleanor Post’s about their Fabric Answers and I’d thought I’d join in a timely manner for a change…. better than my Seamstress Tag Post which was a little late only by 5 months….but hey who’s counting?!

This is a fab idea was started by Lisa Emerita and Renata of RunningNStyle. Thank you ladies!

1. What is your favourite fabric to work with?

It is hard to choose……but you can’t beat a beautiful Cotton Lawn it’s a breeze to sew with yet so beautifully soft whilst wearing but then I do love a good thick Jersey which you can whip something up in it in no time at all!

2. What is your least favourite fabric to work with?

It definitely has to be chiffon as it is soo slippery and lightweight! You need to be extra careful of placing pins and getting your thread and needle right or it will leave big holes in it… just too much faffing for me!

3. What is your favourite fabric to wear?

Mine at the moment has to be Jersey! It fab for keeping me warm and doesn’t crease easily!

4. What is your least favourite fabric to wear?

Urggghhhh polycotton! Yes it’s cheap to buy but you can tell, it doesn’t have any nice feel to it and really stiff but yet its good to try a toile out of it though.

5. What is your favourite texture to work with?

I am loving jersey at the moment, especially with the use of my Singer 14sh754 Overlocker I can make a top in a couple of hours from cutting to sewing 🙂

6. What is your favourite print?

I do like my birds and animals but then i do like ornate prints too but these are on my wish list:

Confetti from Dashwood Paper Meadow Cotton Collection. This would make a great smart work shirt… I just need to decide which pattern to use!!

Modern Reflection Paper Cut Floral Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric by Girlcharlee from their Bolt Collection. I made a beautiful little lingerie set from this and would love to make a Dress out of it!

Then who can’t resist a bit of Art Gallery fabrics?!! I love this Nightfall Moon Stories Spark Knit i bet it would make some

7. What is your favourite colour palette?

As you can tell….It has to be dark colours, i love navy, purple and black but i do like to throw in a bit lighter colours now and again.

8. What is your least favourite colour palette?

Definitley pink!!! Pink doesn’t suit me in the slightest plus lighter pale shades will show how messy I can be after eating meals! Hahahah!

9. What is your favourite fibre content to work with?

Oh it has to be Ponte Roma Jersey with its Double Knit Construction yet still has some stretch to it but its fab to disguise any lumps and bumps!!

10. What is the first fabric you worked with? 

It was a cheap blue polycotton that i got from Boyes as i didn’t want to splash out on the ‘Pretty’ fabrics incase it was a massive failure!!

11. What is your ultimate fabric goal to work with?

I think it has to be Silk, I love the look of the fabric and forever stroking it but i’m sure i would snag it somehow when sewing or cutting. Someday I’ll pluck up the courage to use it!

12. What is your ultimate garment to construct with your favourite fabric?

Now that is a question! The ultimate garment for me would be to tackle the Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns that involves Zips, Snaps, Linings and Flat Fell Seams!!

I’d probably use Navy Twill for the Outer and then a Jazzy and fun cotton lawn Lining! Fingers crossed I’ll get round to making this at some point!

Now It’s your turn! Tell me about your Fabric Addictions!

Sal xx

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