Sew Up North Update – Sew Over It

Hi there!

I’ve another quick update today on the remarkable generosity of another sponsor of Sew Up North.

If by chance you’ve not yet heard all the details of the next Sew Up North, you can find out about it here, but one of the elements of the day will be a charity raffle in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, so make sure you spare some pennies from the fabric shopping to buy tickets with!

Becca and I have been chasing Raffle prizes all over the place, with a remarkable level of success, and one of the nice companies happy to sponsor us in support of this Charity is Sew Over It.

Lisa and the team at Sew Over It specialise in beautifully drafted patterns with a slight vintage feel, giving a wide selection of very wearable and very popular patterns.  Earlier this year, they launched their PDF club (which, obviously, I joined and so has Becca) giving you an opportunity to purchase each month’s new pattern early and at a discount.

In their massive generosity, Sew Over It have donated 5 pdf patterns of the winner’s choice to our raffle. Yes you heard that right!!! 5 PDF’s of the winner’s choice.  With the only proviso being you need to pick them by the end of June. That’s totally dooable right?!

The only way I  can see that being a problem is if you don’t already own any of their patterns and are stymied by the massive selection of pretty things!  A quick glance at their website reveals a total of 14 pdf patterns right now, with new ones being added all the time.

So thank you, Sew Over It, for being so awesome!

And if that tempts you to attend, please head over to our  Eventbrite page and let us know so we can prepare you a goody bag! You don’t want to miss out!

Sal x

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