Ma Craftine Box Review

Hi All!

As you can probably tell, I’m off with the kids for Easter holidays so i can finally play catch up with my blog!

The lovely Muriel from Craftine asked if i would like to review one of her bi-monthly subscription boxes as they have recently started offering this beautiful boxes to the UK, well as a Yorkshire lass can’t say no to that!! Hahaha!

Let me explain a little about how it works!

It’s a Sewing Subscription and every two months you will be sent out a Box of Sewing goodies directly to you with free delivery! You can’t get better than that can you!

You have everything you need to make yourself a garment as the fabric given in the box is very generous! I was surprised that inside the box that you even had the matching thread and sewing machine needles a very big win in my book! Plus, a little treat of Herbal Tea, such a nice touch!

The pattern in the box was for Bergamote Top which is sized 6-20 UK which covers a lot people which is fab and there is a link for the instructions online, where I personally prefer this method as it saves paper and I actually get to use the iPad from the kids!

The pattern supplied is a suggestion to use but I didn’t feel pressure to use as they say in the notes which was nice.

Truth be told, i wasn’t a fan of the sleeves but the pattern is in my stash ready and waiting if i ever changed my mind or want to make one for a friend!

So i decided to make The Frankie Top by Tilly and The Buttons. This Top was a freebie inLove Sewing Magazine Issue 50 or in her new book Stretch!

The fabrics supplied were absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never sewn with Milano Jersey before and my word it’s a dream!! Its a great quality thick jersey that doesn’t crease or unravels! Win win! So this fabric would be great for a beginner tackling their first jersey project or even for the experienced amongst us that want a little bit snugness! 🙂

I love the fab little note inside the box of giving you all the details of what is inside, tips and info!

So me being me, i decided to live a bit dangerously and use 3 colours to make my Frankie! Well i just thought of Frankenstein( yes my brain works in peculiar ways!) aka Frankie so i thought it’d be quite appropriate for a mash up of colours!

I used Grey Velvet Polka Dots Milano (love it!!) for the Sleeves, Blue ( i would say teal!) Milano and for the collar, i used some Black ribbing in my stash.

I cut out a straight size 4 as with my previous make of the Stella Hoodie but then shortened the 3 quarter length sleeves by 2″ for my stupidly short arms! hahaha!

I put in the new needle out of the pack provided, wound the thread onto the bobbin and tested out which stitch length/width to use before i got cracked on and i’m glad i did as it took me a few attempts to get it right so that the stitches were showing through when stretched. So i set my machine to zig-zag stitch at 0.6 length and 2 wide and off i went!

I’m thankful of the menthol Tea that was in the box too and it helped clear my nasal passages as i was bit congested, blumming kids being caring and sharing of their cold! It was rather sweet yet menthol taste at the same time, unusual but at least i gave it a go!

The Milano was a dream to sew with, it behaved itself with Mr Singer who is known to eat said Jerseys in the past.

I didn’t bother with changing the colour of the thread as i went onto the Grey as i quite like the contrast of the blue to the Grey and i think it helps tie in the colour theme i’ve got going on!

So after a few hours sewing my Frankie was made!!

Of course moi wearing it! It’s a secret PJ Top!!

So my verdict of the Craftine Box is well worth its weight in gold!!

It’s such a great box aimed at the Dressmakers of all abilities rather than Quilters or Crocheters – no offensive of course but us sewists don’t seem to have many ‘Happy Mail’ boxes to come through our letter box like this! I’ve got left over fabric to make myself some knickers, just need some lace and fold over elastic! Yay!

Happy Sewing!

Sal xx

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