Straight Stitch Designs – Bryant Dolman

Hi All!

Wow what a busy day of my 1st training today for my new job as an Activity Coordinator! Wow there is a lot which comes to Safeguarding! I’ve come away with a headache!!

When Kimberley from Straight Stitch Designs was asking for Pattern Testers for her upcoming Bryant Dolman Top, I couldn’t say no as i loved the Cuff detail and the Boat Neckline! I need more separates in my Life!

I had this Ponte Roma knocking about in my Stash from Fabric Styles , which I’ve never got round to using as i won it from a Hamper from them and couldn’t quite place what to make with it until now!

The Bryant is boat neck top cut on the bias with opitions for either long sleeves or short sleeve cuffs. It is an incredibly easy and quick sew.

You know me peeps, i do like my quick sews!!

Its only 6 Pieces!! 1 Front, 1 Back, Front Facing, Back Facing and 2 x Cuffs if your making the Short Sleeve version like i did!

The only issue i found was that the Grainline was incorrect on the Cuff and that the Facings were both named the Back but that was it!

I started with a Size 10 for the Shoulders and Bust and graded to a 14 for the Hips as i wanted this Top to be quite long and of course to accommodate the hips! hahaha!

Kimberely’s sizing are pretty accurate!

Here’s a few pics of the Construction of it, looking lovely inside and out;

I managed to whip this rascal up in a couple of hours, the only tricky part i found was cutting on the Bias which i have never done before i couldn’t be bothered to print off another Front/Back Top Piece to make a full Piece as it does state on the Pattern Piece to cut on the fold. SO i carefully cut out one side using my Rotary Cutter and Mat and then flipped the piece over and made sure it matched at the middle and carried on cutting!

Dorris modelling;

Then myself wearing it;

So the Top is now officially released over at Straight Stitch Designs at a introductory $8! Bargain!

Now i need to decide what fabric to use to make a long sleeve version!

Sal xx


  1. It’s a nice top and you look good in those colours Sally!

    1. Admin says:

      Thank you ? x

  2. It looks great. The fabric is a great choice. I’m a bit concerned cutting knitted fabric on the bias. What’s your opinion and experience cutting and wearing knitted fabric on the bias?

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks Sonja! In my opinion I don’t think it makes a difference and found it okay cutting.

  3. Lynsey says:

    Looks great, love the gentle shaping that cutting on he bias gives.

    1. Admin says:

      Thanks lynsey x

  4. Celia says:

    Great top! The bias cut really enhances the style!

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