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Sewing Goals for 2021

Hi All, hope you’re all well.

Unfortunately I’m not, Fibromyalgia has flared up big time. I’m in a lot of pain, not sleeping and generally feeling really naff at the moment. I’ve been given new medication and a referral to pain management clinic. Fingers crossed I’ll be back to my normalish self soon.

After watching Tamlyn’s video about her sewing goals, last week. I thought that’s a really good idea to try and set myself no set specific garments like #makenine. I have kicked myself in the past for not getting them completed and this year will be different!

So here goes, my hopeful sewing plans for 2021.

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Slow and Steady

As you know I do have chronic health conditions, I work part time and trying to home school the kids too at the moment is a challenge. In future sewing projects from now on, I’m taking a leaf out of Samantha’s book. I will break tasks down or set myself an amount of time to be sewing. Not to rush, enjoy the process, hoping I’d make less silly mistakes this way and save myself some energy.

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Sew Practical Clothing

I don’t about you lot but I’m no way inclined to make pretty dresses at the moment as I can see this year being in the majority of lockdown. Yes I know, It isn’t the right way to look at it but why make something that you won’t get much wear out of. I am wanting to make myself more loungewear, for example jogging bottoms, comfy tops etc. I’m thinking of finally getting round to make the Stella joggers from Tilly and the Buttons Stretch book and making quite a few Billies’ too.

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Use the Stash

Yeah… I have a stash and half! You know what it is like when there is a sale on and think I must have that fabric but never have a project in mind at the time. It needs to change and only buy fabric with a specific project in mind. I’ll be going through parts of my stash and plan some makes. I know of the top of my head that I have 2.5m Tilly and the Buttons hand print jersey and 2.5m lemon print jersey which are destined for the Juno Pjs. I just need to print out the pattern or trace it, which ever will be quickest way to get it together I think.

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Sewing Community

On Instagram alone, there is a huge sewing community with plenty of challenges and swaps to take part in. I really want to take part more and get to know more like minded people in the world.

Pink and white background with pigeon Image displaying Pink and Red Party hosted by Pigeon Wishes on 12th February 2021

I’m taking part in Megs aka pigeonwishes Galentine’s Day party which is to make something in either pink or red. I also posted about making this back in November’s post, at least I’ll get there eventually!

After looking in my stash I’ve got the beautiful add it up in pink by Ruby Star Society which will be a tried and tested Stevie top by Tilly and the Buttons. Who doesn’t love a cute bow and an easy sew. Yas!

Finally, be kind to myself

I really need to be kinder to myself and practice self care more.

Pace myself, try not to do everything all at once.

Rest more!!!!

Eat better and drink more water.

Don’t beat myself up if I don’t get my sewing tasks complete, when it can wait for another day.

Does anyone else have any sewing goals for the year?

Happy Sewing

Sal xx


  1. Wishing you the best and hope you can get on top of your pain soon. I agree about not wanting to make dresses at the moment, I have turned my attention to making pyjamas and underwear.

    1. Thanks Jenny 😘 glad I ain’t the only one

  2. Lindy Gibbon says:

    Hi there, I’m sorry you are in a flare up atm, me too! I have fibro and have noticed that when the weather is cold and damp I often get more achy and my joints become very inflamed. My sister swears by Frankinscense (she doesn’t have Fibro but does have arthritis) so I may try it. There are good reviews on line about it…
    sewing wise, I’ve just about completed the first module of the City & Guilds Patchwork & Quilting certificate course. I decided I needed the discipline of a regular commitment to my sewing as without my weekly class I was losing my sewing Mojo!
    You know the drill! Rest, pace, stop! Treat your precious self as the precious self that you are. I hope the flare up dissipates soon. Happy sewing ..oh and definitely YES to soft, very comfy clothes. I find my body simply can’t tolerate anything tight/hard. Warm baths, early nights, self massage with Magnesium oil….:)

    1. Thanks for the great tips and hopefully we’ll be back to rights soon 🙂

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