Sew Yellow for Endo Information

Sew Yellow for Endometriosis Challenge

Hey all, hope you’re all keeping well. Who’s joining in with Jess’s challenge of sewing something yellow for Endometriosis? I mentioned this in my previous post.

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Jess is inviting you to learn more about Endometriosis and sew up a yellow or partially yellow garment/outfit – yellow is the awareness colour for Endometriosis. Put your sewing skills to the test and support the Endometriosis community by whipping up a gorgeous yellow garment and show it off on 20th March on Instagram! Simples!

I originally planned on my next Felicity Fabrics Blogger Project to coincide with the challenge. Alas, I haven’t finished the garment! I forgot to make a narrow shoulder adjustment before cutting out the fabric. I was lazy and thought nah I don’t need too….. Surprise, surprise I had to unpick the sleeves and take in the bodice. Coincidently, this has set me back!

After raiding through my stash, I found some mustard viscose jersey.

After some persuasion from Catie, Tamlyn and Gemma I took the plunge to make a Friday Pattern Company Adrienne Blouse!

Adrienne Blouse

Here is a little bit more info about the pattern;

The Adrienne Blouse is a jersey top with billowy statement sleeves, you use elastic to gather up at the shoulders and hems.

The pattern is size inclusive with starting at XS to 4X.

According to the size chart my measurements fell into the XL and I graded from the Waist to hem to XXL.

I shortened the sleeves by 2″ and cut the blouse hem at the 4X as I like my tops to sit nicely at the hips.

Don’t you just love the great sentiments that they put on the patterns.

Page From Adrienne Sewing Pattern With Pattern Details

There wasn’t an option to turn off the other sizes, I highlighted my size so it was easier to see when cutting out.

Page fFrom Printed Adrienne Blouse PDF Sewing Pattern With Green Highlighted Line To Show Which Size To Cut Out

Can you believe it’s just 3 pattern pieces!

When sewing the blouse you use a 1.5cm seam allowance which I found a bit strange as in other patterns from other designers it’s been 1cm. I used my Mr Singer aka Signer Quantum Stylist 9960 instead of my Overlocker.

I set my machine to the lightning bolt setting and a stitch length of 1.6. When sewing with drapey viscose jersey it can be a bit of a sod. So I started sewing my seam about a couple of cm’s in to stop Mr Singer eating the fabric.

This Blouse was completed in a day with myself having plenty of rest breaks. However, If you don’t have a chronic illness, you would probably get it sewn in a couple of hours.

Thankfully, I listened to the instructions of basting the elastic in place as I needed to shorten the shoulder elastic by 2.5″ and the Sleeve elastic by 1.5″. No garment isn’t complete without a Kylie and the machine label!

My Entry

Here is my finished Adrienne Blouse with a Hair Tie.

Yellow Coloured Blouse With Gathered Shoulders And Sleeve Hems on Blue Mannequin with Yellow Hair Tie

Of course, you had to see the Blouse modelled on me didn’t you?

If you don’t have the time to sew an yellow garment you can still donate to Jess’s Just Giving page.

My favourite part of the Endometriosis Awareness Month has been seeing the Sewing Community getting together to make yellow garments and to talk about this horrible chronic illness and ending the stigma around menstrual health.

Happy Sewing!

Sally xx

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