Sew Crafty Design Team March Project 2 – Yeah it’s a little late…

Now this project was supposed to be all done and dusted by the end of March but i just didn’t realise of how much it would take out of me with my new job and working Monday to Friday and that hand stitching is very time consuming!! Hahahaha!

Now when i was browsing through the Sew Crafty Shop for my Design Team Projects, I came across this kit from New Craft House to make your own Cushion Cover using the English Paper Piecing technique. EPP is the technique of folding fabric over paper templates and hand sewing these together.  The paper template shape ensures the blocks are accurate and also makes it easier to piece angles together.

You know me being me just lately….. i’d thought i would give something new a go! It’s suitable for a beginner sewer too as the majority of it is hand sewing and is a great first project for trying out English Paper Piecing.

Here’s whats in the Kit:

22 Quilting Cotton Hexagons, in a choice of three print ranges. All the prints are Dashwood and the plains are Kona solids.

22 Paper Hexagon Templates

Matching Quilting Cotton Fabric for the back of your Cushion

Hand sewing needle

Matching thread

Fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions

So all you need to do is to buy yourself a 40cm cushion pad insert 🙂

Of course you’ll need your sewing machine to sew the cushion cover together at the end and pins.

So when you open the tube, which i do like! It’s all nicely contained and folded nicely rather than stuffed in 🙂

Now, i’m totally new to EPP and at first i thought what the heck I have got myself into?!

But after the reading the instructions and letting them sink in, I was aware of how to make it!

All you have to do is to take one pre-cut Hexie and one Paper Hexie, fold the fabric over it and baste the fabric so that the Paper Hexie is encased to give it that lovely sharp edges 🙂

Then once you have basted all the 22 Hexies, it looks like a lovely pile but this is where the time consuming but comes in!

According to the instructions it’s best to take one Hexie and then attach different ones from each side using a whip stitch:

Then you just go with the flow and try to remember to make a sqaure with the remaining Hexies, so you something like this with them all hand sewn…. now ain’t going to lie…… this is time consuming! I’ve lost count really of how long this but has taken me as I’ve been wanting to get this done back in March! So i ended up doing a bit on a couple of nights in the week as I’ve been bushed with my new job!

Now it’s taking shape! Nearly there!

I had to make into a square so out came my trusted Rotary Cutter and Mat and trimmed it down.

Then onto making the Back of the cushion was really easy to say this is my 1st ever cushion…. i’m not sure why i haven’t made one before, i think i just chucked myself into the deep end when i first starting sewing by making garments hahaha!

I really like the simplicity of the Envelope back of it too, so it’s ideal for a beginner as it doesn’t involve zips!

So here it is, with a bit of a flat cushion pad…. I recycled it from another cushion as I couldn’t be chewed going to the shop!

So now the cushion is living on my sofa and nobody else’s…. It’s my baby! After all, I’m the one that put in the hardwork! I’m such a Selfish Sewer!!

Yay! I’ve caught up with March Design Team Projects! This project kit is fantastic value at £18.00 and it is ideal for beginners to sit and sew in front of the TV but i am impatient sewer and like my Projects to be done within the week lol but i’m thinking i need to readjust my thinking now that i work full time and to take my time and enjoy the process as i did with this 🙂

I’m now onto a Pattern Hack of Sew Crafty’s Shift Dress! For a start I’m making it out of Jersey and then adding a few tweaks! So watch this space!

Sal xx


  1. I started a hexie quilt 2 years ago! A Labour of love!!

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      Most definitely x

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      Thanks corrine it was definitley a labour of love hahaha!

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        I don’t know why my phone turned my words into capitals! It looks like I’m shouting at you (I’m not)

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