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My January’s 2021 Creations

Hi everyone. I hope you and the family are keeping well.

Well from my last post I told you I was having a nasty flare up of Fibromyalgia. I’m having a couple of good days instead of all bad ones, still waiting for Pain Management appointment though. But, the few good days had let me get on with a bit of sewing and craft. As sewing does keep me sane!

From my last post Sewing Goals 2021, I mentioned to pace myself and break down sewing tasks into smaller steps. I have achieved this by setting myself an hour a day at most for crafting and checking off my task list.

My husband suggested that I use Trello which is an app that is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organise anything.

It is great, I’ve added each project that I want to work on and within that project card a checklist which steps to complete said project. It even has a deadline function to it and reminds you nearer to end date which comes in handy for my sponsored blog posts.

Showing Tilly and The Buttons Stevie top sewing project and checklist of tasks with my kids yapping in the background.


I really enjoy using my Cricut Explorer Air 2. I’ve been experimenting with vinyl along with cardstock.

The boys really enjoyed having their belongings personalised. Ethan and I have the same phone case, so this was ideal to tell which one is which.

Black spiegan mobile phone case with personalised white vinyl of hooked on fishing with image of a fish and a hook

Rhys has a favourite mason jar which he uses for juice and has a soft spot for Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. In all fairness, I do too and really enjoyed creating this one. I have put this through the dishwasher and it has survived!

Cricut tools with gold vinyl cut of stitch with words saying stay werid on a blue mat


In January, we only have one birthday which is my niece Millie who turned 9. After having a chat with my fellow Felicity Fabrics Blogger girls. I decided to make her Made by jacks Mum Explorer T-Shirt. I raided my stash, found this gem that I bought from Like Sew Amazing last year. With all good intentions, the fabric was going to be a Tee for me but never got round to using it. So this was an ideal time to get it used.

Thankfully, Millie and Rhys are nearly the same age, only a couple of months between them. I made her a size 9 going from Rhys’s height. It was whipped up in no time at all when using Mrs Singer aka Singer overlocker 14SH754 and used Mr Singer aka Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 for the twin needle hem.

Here is the finished present along with some handmade tags and card I made with the Cricut too.

Hand’s up, who has the Billie sewing pattern since it was released back in November and only got round to making one till now. That’ll be me! I’m sure I am not alone in hoarding sewing patterns as well as fabric?

It was well worth the wait. I used this now sold out animal print jersey in aqua from Felicity Fabrics also Liz aka thatbakerwhosews used this jersey too. Here is Liz’s Billie with the balloon sleeves, how awesome it is!

Mrs Singer came into play to get this sewn up in speedy time. No garment isn’t complete without a garment label from KATM.

I made a size 5 from the shoulders, grading out to a 7 for the hips. With help from Felicity girls, I got the size just right for my frame.

Picture of white female in her 30's standing up wearing Tilly and the Buttons Billie Sweatshirt in Animal print fabric

Coming up in February

I’m a guest blogger for Crafty Sew and So. So here is a sneak peak on what I have been working on.

waistband with label slowly does it

All will be revealed on 7th February 2021. So keep your eyes peeled over at Crafty Sew and So

I’m hoping to have a Buddy Sew a long with Laura aka Missmadeitmyself via Zoom to make the Nina Lee Picadilly PJs using this fabulous fabric from xxstitchedupxx . I have 2.5m and its extra wide too, so I have plenty to make whichever version I decide to make. Now, what buttons do I go for?

I did toy with the idea to make a dress out of it but thought I will get more wear out of them as PJs!

There you go folks, a round up of my January makes. What have you been sewing this year so far?

Happy Sewing



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