A Chrimbo Sloth Hoody!

Hi All! Are you ready for Christmas? Think I’m nearly there…. Just a few pressies to wrap up …Urgghhhh…. (Think i need a Wrapping Elf!) but without further a do here is my 1st post for Wow Fabrics Blogger Network.

Here is a little bit of Wow Fabrics if you haven’t heard of them before:

The fabric company with the ‘WOW’ factor. Based in the heart of the UK, and with an international reach, and using our in house state of the art digital printers a process known as ‘sublimation’, we’re able to offer high quality bespoke printed fabric for all of your fashion needs.

Wow Fabrics has over 50 years combined experience in creating bespoke printed fabrics and textiles, producing items for worldwide licensed brands such as Star Wars, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, Pokemon and World of Warcrafts., in addition to working with small and startup businesses.

With competitive prices, extremely fast turnaround times, no minimum order quantity and extensive knowledge around placement printing and products, and a strict quality control in place, we’ll help to give your creations the ‘Wow’ factor.

Also there is many different fabric options to use so at long last no print is just set for one type of fabric!!! Yay!

Now who wouldn’t love a Christmas Hoody so when i was looking through their site i came across this ever so cute yet festive Sloth Print… I am such a sucker for Sloths they are just cute! Plus i had this design printed on the sweathshirt fabric so it would be extra snuggly!

The Stella Hoody by Tilly and The Buttons is a tried and tested pattern and knew i only needed to adjust the sleeve length to shorten it y 1″ and everything was ah ok! I went with a Size 6 for Bust, Size 7 for Waist and to an 8 for the hips, so it graded quite nicely between the sizes. Oh yes not forgetting a Sewing Injury too…. How on earth i managed to do this with a pin is beyond me!!

This fabric was a dream to sew with, and Mr Singer behaved quite nicely even when sewing buttonholes for the Drawstring openings! I always test my stitches on a piece of scrap to make sure the tension is right.

Instead of buying Cotton Tape i just bought a pair of Red laces from Ebay at just over a £1 which really sets the Hoddy off.

Here’s a few pics when hung on the hanger. No garment isn’t complete without a Kylie and the Machine label, this time I’ve gone for ‘You can’t buy this’ as it just suits this to a tee and when people ask me why i get it from i just point to my label hahahah!! Yeah i know… I’m Selfish!! LOL!

I have worn this Hoody quite a lot, I’ve forgotten how many times i have worn it to be honest! It’s been to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate, Christmas Shopping in Leeds and wearing at work too!

Happy Sewing!



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  1. This is just the cutest hoody ever! Wishing you (& your hoody!) a very merry Christmas. x

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